Vågå Wavecamp

Tow Planes & Runway

Tow Planes

LN-YDM  will operate as tow-planes. The tow pilot and ground station will log all take-offs including glider registration, the glider pilot’s name and number and release altitude.


The runway headings are 09 and 27. The runway is at about 370m QNH. Position is 61.51.500N 009.01.000E

Take-off and Aerotow

All handsignal (tighten rope etc.) must follow Norewgian standard. On release the glider must turn left, the tug will turn right.

Aerotows will occur with minimum noise exposure in mind. Consider the avian fauna by the Blåhø mast, skiers in hills and mountains and populated areas. Aerotows over the ridge will be avoided due to the collision risk. The towplanes will descend where the glider density is the lowest.