Vågå Wavecamp

    Extreme Altitude Challenge 10-16 March 2024!

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Welcome to Vågå Wavecamp

The camp is the most significant mountain and wave-camp in Scandinavia, and is held at Vågå, in the heart of the Norwegian mountains. Vågå can offer extreme soaring conditions and fabulous waves with almost all wind directions. During the camp in 2002 we had more than 60 diamond heights and 100 gold heights. In addition we had a Nordic altitude record – 10 349 m (FL 350). In the following years we have had altitudes between 5000 and 7000 m.

Maybe you can  break you personal record or get a diamond height this time?

In addition to this you will find good skiing conditions in the region, both downhill and cross country. Vågå and the surrounding area is also well know for good food and relaxed ambience.

The first wave camp was arranged in 1989, and will as usual be arranged by Drammen Flyklubb in co-operation with participants from other clubs. 2003 was the first year with a general invitation to international pilots, and pilots from 8 different countries joined the camp. The official operational language will be English, and a lot of the information up front and on site will be given in English only. However, the staff and instructors team will have Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English and German speaking members.