Vågå Wavecamp

Fossheim Hotel

Remember: this year you have to book yourself!

About the hotel

What should be emphasised is the unique character of Fossheim.  As a family run hotel for over 120 years, it has retained a great deal of the old days, but the rooms and kitchen have been continually modernised to give the very best experience. This is greatly enhanced by our commitment to friendly  and efficient service at all levels. There is also a good range of facilities on offer.  There are smaller rooms for travellers passing through, larger ones for people wishing to stay longer and cabins for families and groups.  The food is what the guest wants, from a snack to a banquet.  
There are small rooms for meetings, or larger facilities for conferences. The hotel is popular for weddings, both for locals and visitors.  The gardens are spacious with woods at the back of the hotel for an ultimate tranquillity.
Then there is the setting in Lom. We offer good food, but there are other eating places for those staying longer - most notably Brimi Bue restaurant and the famous Lom Bakery.  The church is a mere 850 years old, and made of wood-unusual outside of Norway.  It all sits under the Lomseggen mountain, with breathtaking sunsets. Sitting on the crossroads for east and west, it has been a special place since Viking times. 
Altogether, Fossheim and Lom can offer a true Norwegian experience but with modern comforts and old world friendliness, along with the cleanest air and water in Europe.


Single room with 3 course dinner and breakfast  kr 1540,- per person per night

Double room with 3 course dinner and breakfast kr 1145,- per person per night

To-go lunch    kr  80,-  per lunch

Fill your coffee thermos  kr  30,-  per thermos

Upgrade to 6 course dinner  kr  385,-  per person