Vågå Wavecamp

Vågå Hotel

Vågå Hotel is closed in 2023 for renovation - coming back 2024 as Villa Hotell

Vågå hotel is offering a comfortable and relaxing stay in the village of Vågå (365 meters QNH). The hotel is our base camp during the event, and we will be in majority here. We have a large conference room to our disposal. The room is used for the daily morning briefings and other meetings. If needed, we will arrange debriefing and theoretical instructions here as well.

After a soaring day above the mountains and a cold experience securing the gliders in the dusk on the windy ice, a hot sauna or a swim in the pool at the hotel might be what you need before dinner.

The Vågå area and the hotel is well known for local gourmet food, and in the evening the hotel is serving buffet dinners. Here everybody should be able to find something they like and maybe try something new. The chef is well known for traditional food and the use of local suppliers, so you might get the chance of tasting salmon, reindeer, mountain trout or cloud berry if you are lucky.

After dinner you can relax and socialize with fellow pilots in one of the living rooms, which also have an open fire place as well as a fully licensed bar.

The hotel has 56 single and double rooms, and all rooms have shower and toilet. All prices include the dinner buffet as well as a breakfast buffet where you can make your own lunch pack and fill you thermos with coffee or tea.

All bookings has to be done through the Wave Camp. Payments will be done directly with the hotel, which accept major credit cards.

Vågå Hotell home page: http://www.vagahotel.no/

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All room-rates are pr. room and include vat/tax, breakfast buffet (with lunch pack) and dinner buffet.
Discount for children in parents room: (Age 1-5: 75% discount, 6-14: 50% disc., 15-17: 25% disc.) 

Not staying in the hotel: Breakfast NOK 95, buffet-dinner NOK 295, “farewell-dinner” NOK 365  
(package 1800 NOK for 7 x breakfast, 6 x dinner, 1 x farwell-dinner – prepay before campstart)  


Booking to be done through the WaveCamp only.