Vågå Wavecamp

Lodging – other cabins and cottages

This present a list of other lodging options recommended by other pilots and Vågå Tourist office. 

All of these options must be booked directly with the facility.

Lodging Smedsmo camping

Apartment sleeps 4 in one bedroom price pr night NOK 700  
Cabin sleeps 8, two bedrooms with 2 beds and 4 beds in one bedroom loft price pr night 1400. 

See more information www.smedsmo.no

Booking : Jostein Smedsmo 0047 95202025 

Sygard Storrvik

People lived on the farm as far back as the 15th century. Today the farm is under a preservation order and there is a farm museum. They provide fully equiped cabins (4 persons) with two bedrooms, shower, wc, fully equiped small kitchen, livingroom, electicity and firewood. Located on the shore of Vågåvatn (just south-west of the airfield.

Booking: Booking form on www.sygard-storrvik.no. 

Valbjør Farm

Located north of Vågåvatn (map) with a view of crosswind and the airfield. Offer old wooden farmhouses. See www.valbjoer.no for pictures and information (in Norwegian).

Booking: Phone: +47 61 23 70 59 / fax: +47 61 23 73 01 

Sollid Farm and Cabins

Sollid is located between Vågå and Lemonsjø at 800m QNH, and offer three well equipped cabins of 60 m2

 See www.sollidhytter.no for details, or call 

Booking: +47 61 23 97 22 

Lemonsjø Fjellstue

Lemonsjø Fjellstue is located in driving distance from the hotel and the camp. The site is situated just south of Vågå at 863 m QNH. A perfect location for skiing activities as donwhill and cross country. See homepage for more information (in Norwegian only). This place has for several years been used by some Danish pilots, who recommend the facilities. 

Booking: www.lemonsjoe.no or call +47 61 23 87 22 

Holungsøy Camping

Located east of Vågå (few minutes by car) offer cabin/lodges well suited for families. Used by pilots some years ago, and often used by hangliderpilots during the summer. 

Booking: Contact Holungsøy Camping phone: +47 61 23 87 22 


Contact the company for more information. 

Booking: +47 61 23 98 33 

Skoglund Camping

Contact company for more information 

Booking: Skoglund camping phone: +47 90 87 03 20